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Leaflets and Posters

It does not matter how good the product is, It is unlikely to sell itself.

Advertising and Promotion are essential to make this happen.

With so very many ways to get this done today, It is still a known fact that Leaflets and Posters are one of the cheapest and most effective way of getting the message across.

With having designed and printed so very many Leaflets, we have found that for Leaflets to be successful there is two second rule that applies, If the material and content does not grab you in the first two seconds then the results you expect will be considerably less, this applies to all types of leaflets including take away menus, coupons, and majority of advertisement materials.

With our experts to help and guide you with the designing and printing of the leaflet or poster for your campaign, it helps if you can give some concise information, such as your target audience, promotions carried out by competitors, types of promotion already done such as point of sale, free samples, other advertising etc. try to give a complete picture with some idea of number of households / offices or people you are trying to reach, along with as much information and some good quality pictures of your product or whatever it is you are trying to advertise and promote, and so lead to your desired results.

Give our designer an idea of the type of layout and colour schemes that you want (this is if you have a fixed idea of what you want your promotional material, leaflets, posters, coupons etc. to look like) otherwise leave it to our experts and they will come up with a couple of layouts or more if you can’t decide to help promote your business or product in the best possible way.

Leaflets and Posters are a very powerful tool and medium used in majority of successful campaigns even today used by most to enhance publicity and boost sales.

Some of the sizes used in Leaflet printing or Flyer Printing explained as below:

A3 Paper Size measures
297mm (width) x 420mm (height) or 29.7cm x 42cm or 11.7inches x 16.5inches.

A4 Paper Size measures
210mm (width) x 297mm (height) or 21cm x 29.7cm or 11.7inches x 8.3inches.

A5 Paper Size measures
148mm (width) x 210mm (height) or 14.8cm x 21cm or 5.8inches x 8.3inches.

A6 Paper Size measures
105mm (width) x 148mm (height) or 10.5cm x 14.8cm or 4.1inches x 5.8inches.

DL Paper Size measures
210mm (width) x 99mm (height) or 21cm x 9.9cm or 3.9inches x 8.2inches.

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